S-Ext Prediction Minimum Requirement

Base on our prediction of minimum requirement for S-Ext to run correctly is…

  • Windows XP SP1 or higher (Windows Server 2003 COULD be supported, Microsoft’s documentation doesn’t revealed information 100%)
  • .NET Framework ?.0 (Remains unknown due to refuse tell us specific requirement or had successfully removed .NET Framework requirement)
  • Meets Halo’s minimal requirement. (Video card, CPU, Internet, etc.)
  • Working Halo CE Dedicated Server in a folder. (You cannot say S-Ext does not work if your server is not set up correctly)
  • 15 MB of RAM availability. (+ more if load more plugins)

The RAM availability will dramatically increased due to inserting more features.  Once it has hit, this is where would be likely stop increasing the minimum requirement needed for RAM availability.


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