H-Ext Setup

How-To Setup

  1. Download Halo Extension (H-Ext) (Current up-to-date will be on the page)
  2. Extract ALL files and insert into any Halo 1 Windows platform folder.
  3. Start up your Halo 1 Windows platform you have installed, type in load to start up Halo Extension. You can type in the command through the in-game chat, rcon, AND the client/server’s console any time you want.
  4. If you are looking for adding yourself or someone else as admin, then please go through ext_admin_add command and options we have provide with it.

The commands (for now) can be found at your console’s screen with tab key support.

NOTICE: Devmode is NOT included. In order to use devmode, please download and install Developer Pi Add-on as it contains the devmode support.

Any questions and/or having issues? Please contact us via “Contact Us” form and we will assist you soon as we can or search for RadWolfie on xfire for quicker response.

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