H-Ext Progress

Estimated Release Date: (0.5.3.x) TBA.

Here’s the link to the official progress can be found easily and live tickets as well. http://status.halo.dangerzonestudio.com/

Without your help, motivation, encourage, and feedback. This H-Ext would never exists, we thank you and please do continue supporting us to make a better H-Ext along with Add-ons for everyone.

Please note there is a chance of possibility to add/remove things into the to-do list before the release.

Planned to-do list:

  • Zombie Gametype (Alpha, yet is not completed)
  • MySQL ODBC (Expected to be released before
  • Official Updater (TBA)
  • Remote Control (Expected to be released before
  • MDB Native (Expected to be released before

Plugin Support In Development:

  • AdvObject (Released,
  • Server Commands (Released)
  • + official Add-ons from H-Ext and later.

Future to-do list for possible plugin support: (NOTICE: We do not have time to make any extra plugins requested, this is reason why we have Add-on API support for other developers to make their own plugins.)

  • Remote Control (currently do not have method to do this such way yet, currently have few documents of how to make this happen. Update: we may have the way to do this but still haven’t support the external account yet.)
  • Website administration (currently do not have method to do this such way yet)
  • Website Status (considering but still unsure)
  • H-Mail (maybe…)
  • Contact Admin (unsure how this will work via email, or admin on another server?)
  • Taticial HUD Extended ( and later, client only; For green light, red light shown on player’s name + some other things go with it.)
  • Extend Audio Settings ( and later, client only; at least ability to extract some settings needed to adjust.)
  • Multi-Monitor ( and later, client only; basically will create 1 or more windows in full screen mode)
  • Possible more!

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