Halo Extension Download

You can freely download the versions here and use it on any 1.00 and above versions as there is no restriction how you use it. (Limited Source, only Add-on API is freely available to support any customize plugin(s) to be supported on H-Ext and above.)

ALERT: You are not authorized to post any files provided by DZS’s Halo branch on any websites other than here! And please read our Licensing agreement before you download.

NOTICE: Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware may mark this software as security breach. Please know this, vanilla H-Ext does NOT communicate anywhere outside of the computer and is not putting your own computer/server at risk. Plugins may or may not uses and/or required Internet for addition communication.

NOTICE: and higher NO longer need a patcher, please restore your halo back to distribution condition.  Thank you.

Commands can be found at GitHub. (NOTICE: Not all commands are in H-Ext, those commands in H-Ext has been transferred to one of the Add-ons.)

NOTICE: Downloadable files are required to be logged in before able to download. (Required to paid for membership? No, it is free membership for everyone at age 13 and above.)

What is not compatible with H-Ext? Please click this link to review the known incompatible.

Current version: (At this time, all versions are not recommended due to a minor bug are causing major issues!)

P.S. It is strongly advise to only use it on personal or private hosting. Expect commands would not work as-is every time for one to all players, even on campaign maps too.
(H-Ext 0.5.3.x has this fixed, thanks to variety of UnitTest add-ons testing.)

Version Download Required Patcher? Additional Information
0.5.3.x N/A NO Still in development

Previous versions:

Version (0.5.x, Drone): Not recommended in public server!
Version Download Required Patcher? Additional Information Installer
No Installer
 NO Not recommended!
Fixed UAC Virtualization issue and included patch for Windows Vista or newer (Windows XP users do not need to worry about this), changed fresh setup method at load.
Known bugs: ICIniFile API are not saved to correct location, they are saved to root directory of Halo directory. Couple hook listeners are not functional as should be. Obtain player’s data internally does not function correctly. Installer
No Installer
NO Not recommended!
Contain some fixes, now includes Installer with add-ons!  No Installer NO Not recommended! 
Contains some fixes & Supported Halo 1.0.10 No Installer NO  Not recommended! 
New major API adjustment No Installer NO Not recommended!
Known Bugs No Installer NO Not recommended! 
(Hotfix replacement for No Installer NO Not recommended!
(S-Ext are not compatible with this version; once upgrade to H-Ext, please use H-Ext only.)

DZS Server Extention 0.2.0 – (old)

DZS OS SAPP 0.1.x (old)

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