Official Updater Add-on

Welcome to S-Ext Official Updater Add-on page!

This is closed source Add-on, any modification to the file(s) inside compressed zip file is not permitted.

After you have download, install, and load it into the S-Ext, the Official Updater will ask you to fill in the username and password to verify your exisitng membership and will generate an authorization key. Which you will need to activate on site after you received the message from Official Updater ask you to do so.  We do provided two options.

  • Option 1 (default): Only permitted one authorization key for personal use only.
  • Option 2: Permitted authorization multi-keys for hosting company or clan only.
    NOTICE: This can be done by making a request through email only due to private conversation/information reason.

NOTICE: This is completely 100% free to use, 0nly required to be membership in order to use it.

Here’s the current  version: (Compatible with S-Ext version and above)

Here’s the previous version(s):

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