Add-on FAQ

Frequency Asked Questions

Q: How do I download a plugin (Add-on)?
A: By download the current or previous version from either official (this is official website) or unofficial (Anywhere other than here) website.

Q: How do I install a plugin?
A: From inside the zip folder, you would find _____.eao file which you will copy and paste it into the plugins folder from extension’s folder.

Q: How do I load a plugin?
A: Either by insert “ext_addon_load ____” line into the load.txt file or type in “ext_addon_load ____” into the Halo’s console.

Q: How do I create/make a plugin?
A: By going to Add-on API under “Official Add-on(s)” sub-menu, you will have access to download with functions pre-made and interfaces provided by extension’s.

Q: Where are the documentation for the Add-on API?
A: By going to this link¬†from our Bug Tracker site. GitHub’s documentation¬†will be removed later on.

Q: None of above answer to my question, where can I contact/ask?
A: By go to and fill in the form(s) OR go to so others may can answer to your question(s) about the Add-on.

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