Halo Extension Add-on

Welcome to DZS’s Halo Extension Add-on!

From here, you can find all listed availability of official add-on which we have provided!  If you wished to improve or improvise the add-on and is a programmer, you can do so by look at listed of open source add-on!  Any listed as close source which will define as part of our service integration which cannot be open source to prevent hackers attempt to breach our security protection system.  As for the waiting list, those define as planned to have support and is on mid-higher priority than other add-on specific request.  Any unofficial add-on may be posted on our forum, if it is open to public usage.  If you would like to make a request, please go to our forum which is directly on http://halo.dangerzonestudio.com/forum and required to be log-in before enter the forum.

Open Source list:

  • Teleportion (Transferred from S-Ext)
  • Server Command (Transferred from S-Ext)
  • MySQL ODBC (Expected to re-release before
  • Native MDB (which is the exact same usage we use directly from our central database handler) (Expected to re-release before
  • S-Ext Help (Discontinued)
  • AdvObject (Transferred from S-Ext)

Close Source list:

  • RP Mod (Transferred from S-Ext)
  • Dev Pi (Transferred from S-Ext; Released; Open Source – TBA)
  • Official Updater (can be set manually update, will be support for both S-Ext and all official add-on listed.) (TBA for H-Ext)
Development list:
  • (None at the moment…)

Waiting list:

  • Remote Control (both client & server support. This will be on open source list.)

Want to create your own Add-on plugin for DZS Halo’s Extension? Go to Add-on API page or under “DZS Halo Extension Add-on” sub-menu to get the latest Add-on API to start your own customize plugin!

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