Halo Extension

Halo Extension for Hybrid Halo PC platform.

NOTICE: All traffic attempt access to DZS OS SAPP will be re-directed to here, since this is the current active development and very multi-halo Windows platform friendly stable software.

New upgrade for new expansion toward Hybrid Halo PC platform! You can download by going through the Halo Extension’s menu.
There IS requirement to be a membership to download the files.

Main features:

  • Integrated into Halo’s process. (S-Ext was running in second process to prevent any crash toward Halo’s process.)
  • Support Halo Trial, PC, and CE on Windows platform including 1.00 through 1.09 (last update from Bungie’s staff). (Please check our front page to verify Open Sauce is compatible.)
  • Simple install and uninstall method with no patching to Halo’s executable. (This helps resolve the potiental illegal method from Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” term.)
  • Advance Rcon system (Halo’s rcon has been replaced, Halo Trial’s rcon is not supportive at the moment…)
  • GUI features (This is not supportive yet, however will be in plan.)
  • Advance admin system
  • Advance ban system (No longer using halo’s standard ban file, it is now using the database which will allow any character letters to join the host/server.)
  • Stripped down to bare-bone except for nessary commands requirement. (The missing S-Ext commands are transferred to individual Add-ons.)
  • Extended hooks from Halo for Add-on API support and still adding more!
  • Duplicated CD keys in same server are supportive. (NOTICE: This is available through the Add-on API only! So either create your own Add-on or be patience until we have unofficial Add-on for it to be release.)
  • More features will be included during the development.

Credits goes to…

  • Abyll (Super App, open source, appears to be draft)
  • Rad! (for fixing, improving, enchanting, plus more for DZS OS SAPP DZS’s Halo S-Ext DZS’s Halo Extension)
  • Shadow (for exposing advancement of devmode commands, finding issues (the ‘debugger’ mind), and tester)
  • Rec0 (for released source to get ideal of how things work properly)
  • T3RM1@T0R (for patcher compatibility support)
  • Cran, Owner, Shadow, and Rad! for assisting to be in testing server. (This majorly improved most of the commands as of 0.1.4)
  • jesus7freak for teaching Rad! few more about functions in coding and assist in few areas.
  • MRP~017 for making the icon represent the DZS’s Halo! (You will see it on DZS’s wiki site AND the upgraded from Server Extension 0.2.0 and above!)
  • Special thanks to Oxide, founder of Phasor, to giving permission to use his work to get the job done sooner.
  • Thanks to Lonewolf, MasterLay, and Remot for keeping me in motivation by being involved with their role-plays. This helps us to contribute this project and keep the delay cut down.

Missed someone? Please inform us and we will add to the list!

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