DZS Server Extension Setup

How-To Setup (Discontinued)

  1. Download DZS Server Extension (Current up-to-date will be on the page)
  2. Either Extract the zip file(s) and insert into your Halo Custom Edition Dedicated server folder OR use the installer to install the extension which is still the same as zip file it contains.
  3. Patch your Halo CE Dedicated server’s .exe with Patcher.dll (Made and credit by (DZS|All-In-One and jesus7freak) which can be open by extension.exe with patcher button. If you do not see the patcher button, please make sure you have “Patcher.dll” inside DLLs folder in extension folder.
  4. Start up your Halo CE Dedicated server (patched), type in “load” to start up DZS Server Extension. Then you can type in the commands through the in-game chat, rcon, AND the server’s console any time you want. That’s all you need to do!
  5. (Continue if need to change version or disable the CD check on dedicated server)
    Go to and download the patcher to change the version and/or disable the CD check. No longer required as of and above.
  6. (Continue if need to read the database file)
    Go to Google and search MDBPlus which is what you are looking for.  We are not responsible for the additional download content here as some to all of them are available on the Internet, most likely on official website as well.

The commands can be found on this site, or click here directly instead (Discontinued). Or using S-Ext Help Add-on plugin, recommended, which is downloadable separately.

NOTICE: Version 0.2.0 and above is already covered with automatic patched devmode when loaded.

BEFORE PROCEEDING TO STEP 3, please STOP all running dedicated server to use the additional patcher.

Any questions and/or having issues? Please contact us via “Contact Us” form and we will assist you soon as we can or search for Rad! on xfire for quicker response.

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