DZS Server Extension FAQ

Frequency Asked Questions

Q: Why is there a Halo Server Extension?
A: Due to DZS|All-In-One suffering with unstable version of Termy’s SAPP and Rec0 Devicator (both are discontinued products), he has decide to create Halo Server Extension to end all the suffer we all are dealing with.  Also he wants to extend the flexibility with everyone’s ability to use with it and lift the limitation that Termy’s SAPP and Rec0 Devicator has not done.

Q: Will it work with Termy’s SAPP and/or Rec0 Devicator?
A: Due to interference of similar functions, the answer will be always no.  Although, it is expected to do the same as Termy’s SAPP and Rec0 Devicator with better stability.

Q: Why is the S-Ext have “Beta” at the end?
A: The founder & developer, DZS|All-In-One, has ton of ideas which could not be done all in one day.  We only take one at a time to ensure there are no issues with new feature.  Basically, we cannot remove “Beta” until we are satisfied with all the features that is added to our Halo Server Extension along with Add-on interfaces needed to achieve the maximum possibilities for other developers to create their own Add-on easier.

Q: When will it be out of of “Beta” version?
A: We currently do not have a timeline for this, however when it has hit to 0.6.x or somewhere near before couple major update to its final version.  We will inform the final release date, also after the final release we will be working on Add-ons that may have not been done or our hosts have higher demand request to have in their S-Ext product.

Q: Will it be open source?

A: We have considered this and has done this in 0.1.4’s open source.  Then we later decided to establish it as limited source code which only be accessible through Add-on API.  Although, after the 2 years of final version (starting from 1.0, not the version releases afterward) we will have it open source except for some closed source Add-ons relative to our server and it will be shut down as well for security purposes.

Q: Will it work with Halo Open Sauce (Modified Halo Custom Edition)?
A: It is expected to work with Halo Open Sauce and its newer releases, however they both will not be integrated since there are no interference with each other.

Q: Are you working with other known developers on Halo?
A: Yes, we have worked with 2 developers (their name are concealed, yet is mentioned on some areas on the site)  and gladly to assist them in any way we can.  However, there is another developer that is actually marked as enemy which we will not work with him at all.

Q: Will you abandon any of the projects that may contain some or major issues/bugs? What about new features?
A: No, we will never abandon these projects.  If we have done this, then it would not be very good for halo community’s reputation. As for new features, if they have reached to its final stage, then it’s a high chance will be a no.  However, we may will consider add a plugin to a project that supports it.

Q: I’m noticing some/most features in S-Ext is becoming less and less, why?
A: Base on hearing from one of the hosting company complaint of its size, we are moving those features into the Add-on which can be download separately.  The S-Ext will be drop down to almost bare-bone while keep its flexibility, durable, and under controllable.

Q: Can I ask you any questions relative to S-Ext and its Add-ons?
A: Yes, you can use the “Contact Us” form and we will be gladly answer to any of your questions.

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