DZS Server Extension Download

(Discontinued, use H-Ext instead)

You can freely download the versions here and use it on any 1.00CE and 1.07 to 1.09CE versions as there is no restriction how you use it. (Limited Source, only Add-on API is freely available to support any customize plugin(s) to be supported on S-Ext and above.)

ALERT: You are not authorized to post any files provided by DZS’s Halo branch on any websites other than here!

NOTICE: Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware may mark this software as security breach. Please know this, vanilla S-Ext does NOT communicate anywhere outside of the computer and is not putting your own computer/server at risk. Plugins may or may not uses and/or required Internet for addition communication.

DZS Server Extension Beta (discontinued)
No installer

NOTICE: 0.4.0 and higher NOW required a new patcher provided by us and is included with every newer release, please go to the Setup page of how to use the new patcher. Thank you.

Patcher is required if haven’t patched your haloceded.exe yet. Please use our built-in patcher instead due to our own new improve patcher and stability.  It has been tested with 1.00, 1.07-1.09. We suspected it will work with any version of Halo CE Dedicated server executable.

Commands can be found here. (Discontinue)

Upgrade is recommended if you have previously used 0.1.X (Grunt) version.

NOTICE: Downloadable files are NOW required to be logged in before able to download. (Required to paid for membership? No, it is free membership for everyone at age 13 and above.)

(Discontinued, use H-Ext instead)

Previous versions:

Version (0.4.x, Brute):
Version Download Required Patcher?
Additional Information No installer
YES (last version of S-Ext, final of 0.4.x version) No installer YES (None) No installer YES (None) No installer YES (None)
Version (0.3.x, Elite): (NOTICE: Any 0.2.2 and older will be automatic re-named the files for better readability for beginners to professionals dedicated user and is not backward compatible with 0.2.2 and below unless yourself re-name the files back to original)
Version Download Required Patcher?
Additional Information No installer | Installer YES (Final of 0.3.x version) No installer YES No installer YES No installer | Installer YES ( Beta replacement recommended!!!) No installer YES (Recommended do first!) No installer | Installer YES ( Beta replacement recommended!)
Version (0.2.x, Jackal): Sapp.dll replacement fixed for admin glitch. (RECOMMENDED for 0.2.x version!!!)
Version Download Required Patcher?
Additional Information
0.2.2  No installer | Installer  YES  (Final of 0.2.x version)
0.2.1 No installer | Installer YES (Administrator system is not backward-compatible with 0.2.0 due to new system designed for more flexible with ease to use while in-game.)
0.2.0 No installer | Installer YES  (is not backward-compatible with 0.1.x system)

* Only required one time patch with the patcher provided.
** NOTICE: Please restore your haloceded.exe file back to original as patched haloceded.exe is no longer needed anymore.

DZS OS SAPP 0.1.x (old)

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