DZS Server Extension

Server Extension for Halo Custom Edition Dedicated Server.

NOTICE: This is NOT an active development as this is now officially discontinue. Please use Halo Extension (H-Ext) instead, however S-Ext will continue to be open to public until further notice.

New upgrade for new expansion for Halo Custom Edition Dedicated Server! You can download different versions by going here and get started here as well for new/first time users.  There IS requirement to be a membership to download the files.

Credits goes to…

  • SuperAbyll ¬†(for the open source, appears to be draft)
  • Rad! (for fixing, improving, enchanting, plus more for DZS OS SAPP DZS’s Halo S-Ext)
  • Shadow (for exposing advancement of devmode commands, finding issues (the ‘debugger’ mind), and tester)
  • Rec0 (for released source to get ideal of how things work properly)
  • T3RM1@T0R (for patcher compatibility support)
  • Cran, Owner, Shadow, and Rad! for assisting to be in testing server. (This majorly improved most of the commands as of 0.1.4)
  • jesus7freak for teaching Rad! few more about functions in coding and assist in few areas.
  • MRP~017 for making the icon represent the DZS’s Halo! (You will see it on DZS’s wiki site AND the upgraded from Server Extension 0.2.0 and above!)
  • Special thanks to Oxide, founder of Phasor, to giving permission to use his work to get the job done sooner.

Missed someone? Please inform us and we will add to the list!

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