DZS OS SAPP Download

NOTICE: Version 0.2.0 and higher had been moved to DZS Server Extension Download page.

WARNING: Version 0.1.x will be removed here and is not permitted to be host downloadable at unofficial other sites.

You can freely download the versions here and use it on any 1.00CE and 1.07 to 1.09CE versions as there is no restriction how you use it. (Open Source is now available.)

ALERT: You are not authorized to post any files provided by DZS’s Halo branch on any websites other than here!

DZS OS SAPP 0.1.4 Beta (Current and latest stability for 0.1.x version.)

DZS OS SAPP 0.1.4 source code (redistribute whatever you want with it, please include the authors along with your work.)

NOTICE: It is not 100% promising to be operational to work with every commands.

Does have 1.00CE or 1.07 to 1.09CE version and still seeing “unable to load sapp.dll”?  Then you will need to download this part as your windows system doesn’t contain it (rarely seen this happening).
NOTICE: This part MAY not help fix the “unable to load sapp.dll”, it is still under investigation to find the solution to bypass this issue.

Old Versions:

DZS OS SAPP 0.1.3 Beta
DZS OS SAPP 0.1.2 Beta
DZS OS SAPP 0.1.1 Beta

NOTICE: Downloadable files are NOW required to be  logged in before able to download. (Required to paid for membership? No, it is free membership for everyone at age 13 and above.)

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