H-Ext Alpha Released!

We have released H-Ext with some fixes. That’s not all, we also have released AdvObject Add-on as well! Due to tireness of making the all happen before end of May, we will let this sit on the post informing the H-Ext and all of the add-ons are up to date supporting Halo 1.0.10 and older. Please note Halo Trial isn’t fully supportive at the moment…


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Dynamic Commands Support

We now have officially support dynamic commands list on our halo site. Currently it is available under Server Extension and is not 100% fully listed. However, we do have listed through 0.4.0 from information we obtain in S-Ext Help Add-on. We are aware of possible missing commands in and well as some commands are changed to meet the standard usage. We will keep updating this for couple days and well as the dynamic commands listing to be easier to find and move around quicker for likely a week. We hope this would be easier for everyone to be less confusion and user-friendly than our previously old wiki site which will be taken down.

P.S. You will need to login to view the commands list for human validation safety reason, plus reduce bandwidth usage from other trying to sitemap the whole site (commands list are very large and will be subject to change at any time without notice).

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S-Ext Prediction Minimum Requirement

Base on our prediction of minimum requirement for S-Ext to run correctly is…

  • Windows XP SP1 or higher (Windows Server 2003 COULD be supported, Microsoft’s documentation doesn’t revealed information 100%)
  • .NET Framework ?.0 (Remains unknown due to refuse tell us specific requirement or had successfully removed .NET Framework requirement)
  • Meets Halo’s minimal requirement. (Video card, CPU, Internet, etc.)
  • Working Halo CE Dedicated Server in a folder. (You cannot say S-Ext does not work if your server is not set up correctly)
  • 15 MB of RAM availability. (+ more if load more plugins)

The RAM availability will dramatically increased due to inserting more features.  Once it has hit, this is where would be likely stop increasing the minimum requirement needed for RAM availability.

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S-Ext 0.3.0 Predicted Release Date

Our predicted date would be around Jan 27, 2012 . Depending on how much is done between now to assumed ETA date.

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Migration Support for 0.1.x to 0.2.x

You’re just in luck!  Migration support is now available!

NOTICE: This does NOT cover the players (including admins)…

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Beta code name for DZS’s server tool for halo ce…

I would like to let everyone know this…

0.1.x code-name Grunt

0.2.x code-name Jackal

Think you can guess the next generation code-name for 0.3.x?  Comment here and we will announce the first person who get this right!  Prize?  The prize is the pride of knowledge and must be a huge fan of Halo! ;)

Until next time, we will keep you up to date!

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Progress of 0.2.0 status

All progress of 0.2.0 development phrase can be found at Progress page.

The very first version of 0.2.0 would not be supporting plugins yet. Perhaps 0.2.1 or later will be supporting and there will be no promising of when it will be integrate with our SAPP.  Also, there may will be considering a name change for our application since it is consider as a Server Application (SAPP) and Devicator (Dev).  Perhaps it should be called ____ Server Extension, Server Add-on, Enhanced, or another name you can think of?

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NOTICE: All Halo appication(s) will be moved here.

Fair warning for all downloaders for Halo’s Applications (a.k.a. Add-on).  They will be transfer to here to keep the section of general of Halo at front-site separated and better traffic going through for all visitors and members to find what they are looking for.


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In Development…

Currently in development, this will take a while to get everything ready.

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